…meie igapäevast IT’d anna meile igapäev…


Taaskasutus on popp!

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  1. what?? ski equip come tobe a gate?? hahaha nice broo!

    Kommentaar kirjutas fariz — 2016-08-10 @ 09:10:25 | Vasta

  2. Hey dukelupus. I wish you would have kept updating all the scripts and your website. I miss serving alongside you. My Nick was Wickedclown. I remember meeting for your the first time and talking to you. I replicated your whole library of ebooks and served along side you back in 2000s. Those were the good old days as I was in my youth and eager to learn. I was introduced to omenserve and autoget by your channel and loved it serving so many ebooks, audiobooks and music and whatnot. Good times. It’s been more then 14 years. I tried but couldn’t find omenserve and frankly I don’t have a stable system. I wish we could turn back time to the first time we had met and I could be in my youth again spending time learning about mIRC and omenserve and books those were the best combination. Hope you remember or have logs for it..

    Kommentaar kirjutas wickedsohail — 2020-07-14 @ 15:39:59 | Vasta

  3. By the way your whole library was in .LIT format. I had never seen or heard of that format before but I fell in love with that format and still use it till this day. I may even have your library burned on a CD somehwhere. (Not sure if it still works tho) and thanks for serving and I hope and wish to do it again one day when I am able to if I am alive as currently I am suffering from an Illness and visiting all old mIRC legends and let me tell you you have been a legend in your field. I am proud to serve along side you and your library of collection none the less.. lol. Do pray for me and I hope and pray I get a chance to be there with all of this again…

    Wickedclown. (Sohail)

    Kommentaar kirjutas wickedsohail — 2020-07-14 @ 16:00:58 | Vasta

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