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Reviving my photo blog

Filed under: Isiklikud — Sander @ 13:12:02

GrasshopperAfter a long hiatus (almost 4 years), I’ve decided to revive my photo blog, http://fotod.wordpress.com.

I’ve found a better WordPress theme, which actually allows wider images (up to 950px) and changed the language of the blog to English… well, mostly, at least. I decided to keep the title, “…pühapäevafotod…” (“Sunday photos”) in Estonian for now, because I like it.

To have a proper revival, I wanted to do a post every day until the end of January – but once I hit 100 queued posts, WordPress gave me a nasty message, “We have a concern about some of the content on your blog”. As it came out after hours of waiting for the support to contact me, WordPress has a limit of 100 unpublished posts… talk about bad error messages.

After the end of January, I will slow down to one post every week or so – I am not nearly prolific photographer to permanently post a photo every day.

If you prefer Twitter, you can get the photo notifications in there as well, https://twitter.com/dukelupus


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  1. About time :P

    Kommentaar kirjutas Michelle — 2012-09-10 @ 17:47:25 | Vasta

  2. mina olen enamuse oma fotovärgist ära Google+’i kolinud, väga mugav just fotode seisukohast

    Kommentaar kirjutas Urmas — 2012-09-11 @ 09:12:59 | Vasta

    • Ma olen G+’is olemas, aga ma pole kindel kas ma seda fotode jaoks tahaksin kasutada.

      Kommentaar kirjutas Sander — 2012-09-11 @ 10:09:07 | Vasta

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