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Holy fuq! 146 801 daily views

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I decided to write a small blog post about one of my pet peeves – that people say they “believe in evolution” (and nitpickers on word “believe”, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belief#Belief-in). Evolution is a scientific theory and as such does not require believing in it.

So I wrote a small, couple of hundred words essay about it – and had Mich review it for grammar and ideas, thank you! And posted it, despite being somewhat unhappy with the last sentence – originally “Evolution is a proven theory. And it does not require belief.” I edited it a bit later, to say “Evolution has been proven. And it does not require belief.”

I expected the post would get a couple of dozen views from my friends and acquaintances, same as always. I thought it might be interesting for others, too, so I posted it to /r/atheism – to improve the world, one person at a time. I figured it would get about five upvotes and then be buried by dozens of downvotes, same as all my reddit submissions. You’ll need a rage comic or cat picture to get the upvotes…

UsersOnlineBut no. It got a dozen upvotes. And then a dozen more. And then even more. Long story short, I ended up at 2nd place in /r/atheism/ – subreddit with almost 700 000 followers – and that also meant I was in frontpage of reddit!!!

That all was kind of freaky. My small blog has usually 2..3 people online, but now there were up to 5700 at the same time! There were hundreds of views every minute! And people started sharing the post in Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. WordPress actually got a kind of sluggish.

It was amusing to see how in /r/atheism I had 90+% upvote rate, but once the submission hit the frontpage, there were more and more downvotes – currently just at lowly 58%. Also, then the first fundies started commenting in both reddit and the blog – my very first personal experience with such nutcases. It is just insane how they don’t understand even the basics of evolution and yet comment on it as experts.

And the number of comments! 421 in reddit, 137 for the blog post. Now I know how PZ Myers must feel every morning.

And so I hit 146 801 views that day. Insane, considering I had started the day with just 244 000 views all-time, since my first blog post in 2006-12-21. As I am writing this, the blog has 468 749 all-time views – second day the evolution post had 76 670 and today it looks I might have “just” around 5000 visitors – that is a bit more that my blog gets usually in a month.

DailyStats As you can see, my regular days with 200..300 views don’t even show up in the graph…


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  1. Congrats! I know how surprising this must have felt for you — I can only imagine how incredibly exciting it was. I get excited when a post of mine gets more than 3 views (not counting my friends .. and getting comments!?! Wow — I think I have a whole 15 on my own blog and 13 of them are from my BFF ;)

    Regarding your article: I really like that this has gotten so many people talking — not only on reddit and on this site, but Facebook and G+. it’s been incredibly interesting to watch the comments start out as “Great Post – I totally agree” and the discussion of various aspects of science and theory, to moving towards religiosity once the fundies got wind and started throwing out their regular spew of biblical and religious rhetoric.

    Thanks for writing such a great post — you really should do more. The fact that you come from Estonia, the most atheistic country in the world, gives you a *completely* different perspective than I have, coming from the US, where atheists are one of the more hated groups. I look forward to reading more.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Michelle — 2012-04-18 @ 16:28:55 | Vasta

  2. It is a really great post. I’ve tried and tried to explain to people how I don’t believe anything and they just look at me funny or go “Ahhh, you believe that not believing is correct, GOTCHA you have religion”.

    Your post summed it up better than anything I’ve written or said. Well done, you deserve more views.

    Cheers Jason =:)

    Kommentaar kirjutas Jason — 2012-04-18 @ 23:36:10 | Vasta

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