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To LINQ or not to LINQ?

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private static List<long> FillDiscountList(HttpContextBase httpContextBase)


           return (httpContextBase.Request.Form.Keys.Cast<string>().Where(key => key.StartsWith("discount_")).Select(

               key => new {key, id = key.Split('_')[1]}).Where(@t => httpContextBase.Request[@t.key] == "on").Select(

                   @t => long.Parse(@t.id))).ToList();


Despite being a long-time LINQ fan, I think I will go with the original (below) and pass ReSharper’s helpful refactoring.

private static List<long> FillDiscountList(HttpContextBase httpContextBase)


           var discounts = new List<long>();

           foreach (string key in httpContextBase.Request.Form.Keys)


               if (key.StartsWith("discount_"))


                   string id = key.Split('_')[1];

                   if (httpContextBase.Request[key] == "on")




           return discounts;



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  1. Actually I think LINQ implementation can also be readable. Consider following example:

    private static List FillDiscountList(HttpContextBase httpContextBase)
    return httpContextBase.Request.Form.Keys.Cast()
    .Where(key => key.StartsWith("discount_"))
    .Where(key => httpContextBase.Request[key] == "on")
    .Select(key => long.Parse(key.Split('_')[1]))

    Maybe if you declare id inside the if statement, ReSharper can properly figure out whats going on and produce better result. You don’t need that id variable in that point in the code anyway.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Sim — 2011-01-19 @ 23:25:58 | Vasta

    • It is not so much about readability as debugging. With one method chain, all you can see is whether the method was successful or not. But when it fails and you want to see why, you will need to start splitting the method chain.

      Kommentaar kirjutas Sander — 2011-01-20 @ 10:55:15 | Vasta

  2. Okey, that is one point. But on the other hand, you don’t need to debug every day whereas you are reading code almost always :)

    Kommentaar kirjutas Siim — 2011-01-20 @ 12:45:43 | Vasta

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