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Some small utils, part two: Website Checker

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While part one had several utils, this time I have only one, unimaginatively called Website Checker. It is an utility for pinging several/many websites and notifying you when they don’t respond. Why would you need that? Well, if you are responsible web sites, you need to know if they are still online – or has something happened to them? That is where Website Checker can help you – by automatically pinging the sites. I remember seeing something like that some time ago – but I didn’t need it then and it was capable of pinging only one site.


Website Checker.exe (.NET 2.0, 25 KB)
Website Checker.src.zip (21 KB)

As you can see from the screenshot above, the interface is extremely simple – just one grid. Add website to the grid to start checking it, WebsiteChecker.menudelete it to remove it. If pinging is successful, roundtrip time is shown in the Status column, if ping fails then a red error message is displayed. Pinging is done at certain intervals (specified in Options dialog, see below), to avoid sending all pings at once, interval of one second is between the pings. You can have infinite number of sites, but try to control yourself…

If you minimize the window, application is minimized to the tray – restore it with a double-click. Tray icon has a right-click menu. Show and Exit hardly need an explanation, you can force out-of-the-schedule pinging by clicking on Ping now.

Tray icon also shows a tray balloon notification on errors – but note that this is untested, as I abhor those and have them disabled on my computers.

WebsiteChecker.configurationSurprisingly, menu item Options allows you to change the options. Frequency is how often the sites are pinged (in seconds), timeout is standard ping timeout in milliseconds. Relatively small value, less then 10 000 ms (10 seconds), is recommended – no decent web server will ever need more time to reply to a ping.

Show tray balloons controls whether or not the application will show those, Log errors and timeouts will create subfolder /Logs/ to the folder where executable resides (make sure application has rights to create the folder/files there) and log errors to [date].errors.log file in a simple format: [2008-04-14 12:47:41] nonexistent.site: No such host is known

Finally, Start minimized will not show the main window on program start, only tray icon. Button Save saves the configuration.

If you have any suggestions or issues, leave them in comments.

Possible to-do
  • Sending an e-mail to the specified address when website goes down .
  • Use tab-delimited log format – might be useful when sorting etc.

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  1. Miks on vaja 25 Kb kaaluvat kompileeritud exe faili, ilmselt ysna r2medate pr-rekvisiitidega, kui sellesama funktsionaalsuse võiks realiseerida CMD, VBS v. Powershell skriptina? Varblastele tuumapommiga… sihtida… TULD!

    Kommentaar kirjutas Offf — 2008-04-15 @ 23:50:08 | Vasta

  2. Offf: kui ei meeldi. ära kasuta, keegi ei kohusta. Aga ära aja lolli ülbet mõttetut mula. Aitab juba.

    Kommentaar kirjutas dukelupus — 2008-04-16 @ 07:01:34 | Vasta

  3. Duwir’s Formmailer…

    Der vierstellige Bildcode dieses Formmailers verzerrt die Zeichen in sich….

    Tagasisideviide kirjutas Duwir's Formmailer — 2008-05-06 @ 00:01:46 | Vasta

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