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There once was a place called ‘reddit’

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Once upon a time ago there was a magical place called “reddit“. It was a fabulous place, a place where smart people met and discussed the daily events. It was a source for news, a source for interesting analysis and a source for occasional fun. People posted stuff that mattered – breaking news, interesting or controversial articles – and the comments were on-topic and informative. You clicked on the comments tab, knowing that you found an intelligent discussion, more background information, further breaking news or in-depth reviews. Even the heated arguments were polite and interesting to read.

But, inevitably, such a good place attracted the interest of the evil creatures from dark corners of the Internet. Unable to comprehend posts or discussions, trolls started to sneak in doing reposts and downmodding everything they didn’t understand. Especially evil and vicious breed of foul creatures, called “slashdotters”, started to post comments “In Soviet Russia,…” and, as they were unable to find regular jobs, promote strange programming languages and smear all others.

As the size of reddit had grown, it attracted another breed of creatures, called “spambots”. These foul monsters were a cross-breed between a man and a machine; they had six legs and no head. Spambots sprayed their foul-smelling links all over reddit and downmodded all offspring except their own. Rulers of the magical redditland did not do much about them; indeed, there were rumors that the good governors had been infected by these creatures. Thankfully, a committee of knights in shining armor was able to sway the rulers back to the light side and slay most of the evil spambots, leaving only an occasional brood of spambots to sprout.

From their dark hiding places, yet another breed came. Spinning their evil web, paranoid conspiracy theorists had found another place to nest. Easily recognizable by their battle-cry “Wake up, sheeple!” and support to Ron Paul, they believed that all big media was under government control and they are the single source of enlightenment. Flood of stories about conspiracies and cover-ups started steadily to increase.

It was a time for the true lowlifes to arrive. Pictures of lolcatz and cute puppies, urban legends presented as true stories and goatse re-enactments were infecting the front page. “Vote up if…” was the most common start for all posts. Old-time redditors started to leave redditland, sadly looking back at the place that had once been a home for them, now being overrun by a horde of evil orcs.

And finally the bottom-feeding scum came, whose only contribution to any conversation is “First!!1!”. That was the end of reddit. The magical land was no more, only smoking ruins remained.

Good bye, reddit. It was fun while it lasted. Perhaps some day we’ll meet again, somewhere else.


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  1. Take care buddy, we’ll see you tomorrow.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Grey — 2008-03-14 @ 14:05:33 | Vasta

  2. Thus the odds are it’ll soon be goodbye innertubes.

    Kommentaar kirjutas likehoney — 2008-03-14 @ 15:20:38 | Vasta

  3. FIRST!

    (oh wait, sorry..)


    Kommentaar kirjutas Dash — 2008-03-14 @ 15:55:46 | Vasta

  4. You said that redditors are leaving… but to where? The current state of reddit is making even digg look intelligent.

    Kommentaar kirjutas psv — 2008-03-14 @ 15:59:28 | Vasta

  5. Reddit died two years ago. You just didn’t know it.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Eli — 2008-03-14 @ 16:07:32 | Vasta

  6. Why don’t you create a private forum?

    Kommentaar kirjutas Jordan — 2008-03-14 @ 16:28:07 | Vasta

  7. I think its time for an xkcd-signal type reddit.

    Hey actually i wonder if we could have a sub-reddit called signal.reddit.com with the same xkcd rules.

    Kommentaar kirjutas simon — 2008-03-14 @ 16:39:53 | Vasta

  8. Just another casualty of Eternal September.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Mike — 2008-03-14 @ 16:40:47 | Vasta

  9. Number five makes a good point. Just to make sure I wasn’t totally out of touch with the community make up I checked the comments an identical and popular(made the front page on both sites) article on both digg and reddit; “Reznor: Radiohead offering was insincere, industry is inept”. Looking through the comments on digg, there were a couple gems, but most people were content to either blindly support Reznor or Radiohead, and tell the other why they were wrong. After about 60 comments or so, that gets a little old. On the other hand while the comments on reddit did contain a little bickering back and forth, the last time I checked the discussion completely diverged into audio file bit rates, and I *actually learned something* from reading the comments. Given that this is not the case with all articles on reddit, I really don’t expect an article titled “LOL PUPPIES!!11ONE!” to have more than a the depth of a spoon, to borrow a phrase. The simple fact that there are articles like that at all on reddit now is a little disconcerting, but welcome to the big wide world of the intertubes.

    Kommentaar kirjutas myddrn — 2008-03-14 @ 16:45:44 | Vasta

  10. Nothing wrong with Paul news or a few conspiracy theories/truths here and there. If Reddit is your LIFE then try the subreddits and chill out, you sound like someone kicked your grandma dude…

    Kommentaar kirjutas JoseT — 2008-03-14 @ 16:48:00 | Vasta

  11. Just create a nostalgic subreddit!

    Kommentaar kirjutas bram — 2008-03-14 @ 16:56:17 | Vasta

  12. lol omg!!!!

    Kommentaar kirjutas miguelito — 2008-03-14 @ 17:18:24 | Vasta

  13. The direction of any community is decided upon by the majority of the people who live there. When designing a discussion forum, you want to make sure that you do things that will attract certain kinds of writers, and repel others. The worst thing, of course, is when there is a set of people you don’t want to govern the course of the community who come in, and scare off everyone you do want there.

    Now reddit is a wonderful idea, which is very poorly implemented. It’s correct that you need to have the input of many people, to have the best resource on the block. But it’s also true, that when a discussion forum gets so big, it becomes impossible to moderate from above.

    One thing that I’ve seen change that social dynamic, is the wikimedia software. At wikipedia, it is not the sheer numbers of people who govern the course of the community. Rather it is those who are most eloquent and serious about the project. Those who are flippant, or who can’t explain their intentions or objectives very clearly cease to have influence.

    Kommentaar kirjutas otterplay — 2008-03-14 @ 17:22:13 | Vasta

  14. In Soviet Russia, reddit leaves YOU!

    Kommentaar kirjutas doyoulikeworms — 2008-03-14 @ 17:27:57 | Vasta

  15. I agree with you for the most-part. The downmodding part is where we diverge in opinions. When one comes across sensationalist headlines that are inaccurate or downright lies, yet they have 500 up compared to their 60 down votes, I don’t see a whole lot of downmod trolling. What I do see is a lot of misguided, easily swayed people.

    Kommentaar kirjutas john — 2008-03-14 @ 17:30:10 | Vasta

  16. carry on, my wayward son

    Kommentaar kirjutas wcuk — 2008-03-14 @ 17:44:11 | Vasta

  17. jesus christ. shut up you freakin’ crybaby. everyone is allowed on the internets, even what you think is your little niche of utopia. go make a private site where only people you approve can join and only stories you like can be promoted and conversations you like exist.

    the internet is like public school; sometimes you have to put up with people you don’t like. you can write in your journal and cry like a baby or grow up and get over it.

    Kommentaar kirjutas corey — 2008-03-14 @ 17:45:25 | Vasta

  18. Funny, before the Comment Era, there would be posts like this, rather than a self-linked comment submission. If you miss old reddit, why not take a look back? http://reredd.com.

    @5: I agree
    @7: Haven’t been to the xkcd forums, but before there was Ron Paul spam, there was xkcd spam.
    @8: Thanks for sparing us the wikipedia definition.

    Kommentaar kirjutas ignignokt — 2008-03-14 @ 17:48:58 | Vasta

  19. I only found out about reddit in the last year – so I don’t know about the utopia that existed prior to that… From what I hear, your article included, it was a magical land full of pixie dust and the like.

    Anyway, I am very pleased with it now despite the ‘corruptions’ you speak of, and the comments page is still much more intelligent and interesting than any other comment page I have seen. Digg comments are not worth the time… I love Reddit, and I think redditors are very vigilant despite the “vote up ifs” and the lolcatz (which I haven’t seen too much of lately) and the Ron Paul stuff (which is going away now btw….). So trends will come and go, but the intelligence of redditors still remains and hopefully will stay that way.

    Kommentaar kirjutas anand — 2008-03-14 @ 17:57:08 | Vasta

  20. Still, chin up and all that. At least we’re not as bad as digg.

    Kommentaar kirjutas devolute — 2008-03-14 @ 18:06:35 | Vasta

  21. I just read “reredd” that was posted by ignignokt, and I am regretting the fact that I only found out about reddit in this last year… because that front page on ‘reredd’ was a trillion times more interesting than what’s there now… :(

    Kommentaar kirjutas anand — 2008-03-14 @ 18:10:20 | Vasta

  22. Sounds pretty much like http://www.forumwarz.com.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Oop — 2008-03-14 @ 18:11:42 | Vasta

  23. Stop fucking sensationalizing. It’s the internet.

    Kommentaar kirjutas CodeRed — 2008-03-14 @ 18:28:01 | Vasta

  24. I feel the same, pal. :(

    Kommentaar kirjutas initself — 2008-03-14 @ 18:34:18 | Vasta

  25. Wait. To support Ron Paul is to be a conspiracy theorist? Where did that nonsense come from?

    Kommentaar kirjutas Sriram — 2008-03-14 @ 18:52:30 | Vasta

  26. You lame little elf. I’m so sorry things didn’t turn out for you. In retrospect, it seems inevitable that your expectations would be crushed out here in the wicked world.

    Kommentaar kirjutas C Dresden — 2008-03-14 @ 18:58:25 | Vasta

  27. 27th!

    Kommentaar kirjutas sgibson — 2008-03-14 @ 19:05:34 | Vasta

  28. I’ve had the same feeling for a good while now. Only problem is, I don’t really know where else to go. I perused digg before I got on reddit, actually downloaded RSS feeds to both for a while (two years ago, maybe), but ditched Digg as they changed their RSS. The links in their RSS feeds now go to Digg, from where you have to click on to wherever you want to go. The thing is, I don’t usually care to much about the discussion of a link. I usually want to go straight to the site in question. Digg no longer ‘ll let me do that, so I’m no longer doing Digg.

    Now that Reddit has become the shambles of what it was, I am wondering what else is out there that offers the same functionality (full, direct links in a nice RSS feed) but better content (links, again). Any tips?

    Kommentaar kirjutas Zaan — 2008-03-14 @ 19:07:49 | Vasta

  29. Funny you mention Ron Paul, I discovered reddit few months ago, and learnt about Dr.Paul through reddit, as a non-American, checking reddit once a while was a convenient way to follow Dr.Paul’s campaign fortunes, and it was this probably that brought me back to reddit often. Still surprised that he is not among the front runners, he would have been a good leader in any country, USA is lucky to have people like him,

    No comments on your other grouses with reddit

    Kommentaar kirjutas Ajay — 2008-03-14 @ 19:08:10 | Vasta

  30. What an elitist bastard! Why don’t you use the subscribe feature, or *shocking* mod stories according to how you like them and then check the recommended page as your new !font page!. You’re the same kind of asshole who only likes bands when only you know about them.

    Kommentaar kirjutas psh! — 2008-03-14 @ 19:09:09 | Vasta

  31. Hey. Youre from IRC! Keep up the good work.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Vardhan — 2008-03-14 @ 19:11:22 | Vasta

  32. Erm, who said the media was under government control? That’s asinine. The media (as well as the government) is controlled by aipac, israel and the jewopoly. The same group that controls the chimperor controls faux noise, and it’s the same group that orchestrated and carried out 9/11. 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kommentaar kirjutas 911was_an_inside_job — 2008-03-14 @ 19:33:18 | Vasta

  33. There was once a poster who complained about the lack of good content but low and behold their submission page http://reddit.com/user/Lawdy/submitted

    one submission only.

    but still complaining about the lack of good content.

    while I agree with some of your complaint the way to fix it is not to run away but to SUBMIT GOOD STORIES. Please don’t be so apathetic, you can change things lawdy

    Kommentaar kirjutas andy — 2008-03-14 @ 19:43:13 | Vasta

  34. There once was a place called reddit
    The world of breaking news, it lead it
    But the slashdotters came
    And ourselves we do blame
    We gave them a monster and they fed it.

    Kommentaar kirjutas kirkyak — 2008-03-14 @ 20:01:08 | Vasta

  35. Oh don’t worry, it exists (audafe is looking good, but it has almost no users). All the things redditors say would make reddit easier:

    tagging of posts (subreddits aren’t tags, spez sez) by the populous, instead of just by the submitter. this works great for politics posts that weren’t categorized. Except, you have to tag a post when you submit it, it requires an initial tag.

    there’s also methods to bring your attention towards tags you ‘prefer’ and away from tags you ’dislike’. and a ‘this is a linkjack’ report option, so that the non-linkjacked can easily swap places with it (pending approval). same for dupes (link to the original post, all the comments/points get moved over) and spam (just plain removed).

    this is what a lot of redditors want when they complain, but they don’t like that it doesn’t already have a community. seriously, nothing can kill reddit if you have to have a community on day one.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Tom — 2008-03-14 @ 20:15:14 | Vasta

  36. Right. It happens over and over again. Something cool starts up (the original – non-violent – anti-war movement, a soccer match, reddit, tranquil nude beach, the educational system of the entire fucking country – to name a few) and these yammerheads show up and begin yammering. They intrude into conversations between users that actually know something and offer scorn and ridicule in lieu of information or reason; they strongly opine that their ignorance and their ignorant opinions are just as valid as informed debate.

    It ain’t so, folks. These are the guys who brought you the current moron in the whitehouse. They are the people who substitute opinion and prejudice for thought and investigation. They DON’T like opinions they disagree with and they DEMONIZE anyone they disagree with. Just watch what happens after this post, and see.

    We need to start fighting back. Shout them down. Demand actual facts to support opinion.

    I am sooooo sick of them all. And yes, I mean YOU.

    Kommentaar kirjutas god-zilla — 2008-03-14 @ 20:18:18 | Vasta

  37. For those interested, there’s a reddit submission for audafe under it’s working name:

    Kommentaar kirjutas Tom — 2008-03-14 @ 20:29:26 | Vasta

  38. > You said that redditors are leaving… but to where?

    There are still places that are safe for smart people. There will always be a refuge somewhere. The problem, is, though, we can’t tell you where it is… because once the secret is out, the influx begins, and the refuge is doomed to Eternal September.

    Kommentaar kirjutas John — 2008-03-14 @ 21:01:08 | Vasta

  39. John: We all know dmoz isn’t for smart people. :)

    The moment I joined reddit – I forgot how long ago – it was already inundated with stupidity. I would love to meet a community that spreads knowledge and insight, rather than cats. Reddit just isn’t that place anymore.

    Kommentaar kirjutas doctor_shim — 2008-03-14 @ 22:03:35 | Vasta

  40. Sorry, I ment dzone not dmoz.

    Kommentaar kirjutas doctor_shim — 2008-03-14 @ 22:04:32 | Vasta

  41. I really like the idea of signal.reddit.com that follows the rules of xkcd-signal… Would solve lots of issues.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Paul — 2008-03-14 @ 22:59:24 | Vasta

  42. Come on over to http://www.subbmitt.com

    Kommentaar kirjutas jt — 2008-03-14 @ 23:30:16 | Vasta

  43. “…Especially evil and vicious breed of foul creatures, called “slashdotters”, started to post comments “In Soviet Russia,…” and, as they were unable to find regular jobs, promote strange programming languages and smear all others.”

    So I’m a Slashdotter, but I am happy.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Mister Slashdot — 2008-03-15 @ 03:21:31 | Vasta

  44. I totally agree with the comment. I thought that reddit was one of the places where I could get away from Britney, Ron Paul and another video of someone who’s unable to park a car. Sadly, there is no way of going back. If someone knows of another site like what reddit used to be post up.

    Kommentaar kirjutas Val_0 — 2008-03-15 @ 04:02:50 | Vasta

  45. I’ve been searching for a community spreading peace, knowledge, and general kumbaya for a damn long time and the closest I’ve come to the real deal is paysite The Well.

    I hoped the internets would’ve given simple folk like me a chance to listen in on the debates of the intelligentsia and maybe even–gasp–learn or participate occasionally, but instead I can find crap like this easier than a single thread where thoughtful people discuss intelligent subjects without drop kicking newbies and the uninformed in the face for simple mistaekes such as “mistaekes”.

    I’ll give one trillion dollars euros to anyone willing to cough up sites where the dumb can become not.

    Kommentaar kirjutas mjd — 2008-03-15 @ 04:24:03 | Vasta

  46. news.ycombinator.com is as good as it gets these days

    Kommentaar kirjutas Kevin — 2008-03-24 @ 11:18:10 | Vasta

  47. […] There once was a place called ‘reddit’ […]

    Pingback-viide kirjutas 100 000 külastust! « …meie igapäevast IT’d anna meile igapäev… — 2008-11-10 @ 12:49:47 | Vasta

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