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Tsitaat the Inquireris

Filed under: Infotehnoloogia,Isiklikud — Sander @ 10:45:59

Mind tsiteeriti eile Inquireris, täpsemalt selles artiklis. Tsitaat – või õigemi tsitaadid – olid küll anonüümsed, pärit ühest Wikipedia vaidlusest. Meele tegi see siiski heaks:

“Deletion of this article has generated huge amounts of very bad publicity for Wikipedia. Accusations that deletion is an anti-Inquirer crusade of some administrators; articles and blog posts “What is wrong with Wikipedia” and more. I think that best solution would be just to restore the page,” writes one wikiman who looks like he could have his head screwed on and facing forwards.


The rebuttal: “This thing is getting just silly. Maybe we should ask from ourself why shouldn’t this article be in Wikipedia? It is obvious that it isn’t a marketing campaign. The Inquirer or people related to it are not behind the creation of the page. The subject is noteworthy – you don’t have to like either The Inquirer or Jennifer Chandra to see that. It generates lots of interest, is well-known and people are looking information about Everywhere Girl from Wikipedia – probably hundreds of page views every day.”



Ei hakka pikemalt sellest Wikipedia vaidlusest rääkima – kes tahab, see läheb ja uurib ise.


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